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This interface was created by Galambos Trans Kft. in order to comply with EU and Hungarian legislation governing breach reporting. Via this interface, persons can easily report any incidents in a comprehensive way related to the operation of their organisation indicating a possible breach. Additional information can also be added to the reports using the interface by selecting to amend your previous report.

Our organization is committed to complying with applicable laws and ensuring lawful operation. All reports received will be investigated in accordance with the law, and if any breach is identified, we will take all reasonable steps to eliminate it and to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Please report any incident indicating breach to help us investigate the case and ensure safe operation.

Sincerely, Galambos Trans Kft.

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We are completely satisfied with the service we received. Flexibility and speed must be emphasized! Galambos Trans Kft. is able to find the best possible solution for all of our requests.

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