International haulage
International haulage

Express and Normal transport

As part of our express freight service, we can deliver your goods to their destination within fast response times and a 1,300 km radius. If you call us, we can dispatch a truck to the loading site within 2 hours. In the case of normal transports, we carry out regular, predictable transports for our partners using semi-trailers from our own or highly reliable subcontracted fleets.


As part of our express freight service, we can bring your goods to the destination with fast response times. If you call us, we can dispatch the truck to the loading site within 2 hours.

Within a radius of 1,300 km, we undertake to deliver your goods to the unloading site on the day after loading with our deliveries staffed by two drivers. We have 30 years of experience, experienced drivers and experienced transport operators to serve our customers' needs.

We organize, manage and monitor the tasks entrusted to us in accordance with the needs of our partners. Our GPS tracking system provides us with up-to-date information on the position of the freight, which can be tracked live by our customers.

As part of our freight-forwarding service, we deliver your required quantity and quality of goods economically to the desired location on time.

Our international network of contacts and partners enables us to adapt to our customers' needs efficiently and easily. We provide seamless delivery of goods, whether full or part loads.


We carry out regular, predictable transports for our partners with trailers (standard tarp semi-trailers) using our own or subcontracted highly reliable fleets.

Currently, although the majority of the goods we transport are produced by automotive suppliers, we also deliver normal commercial goods (plastics, furniture, clothing) as well as special consignments, e.g. to a pedestrian zone in Madrid or even escalators to an airport in Paris, while always keeping the specific needs of our customers in mind.

With our domestic fleet and the use of extra trailers, we can manage the feeder loading and unloading of our export and import orders flexibly, saving driving and working time for international drivers.

The majority of our trailers are equipped with pallet boxes, therefore, pallet exchange deliveries are possible without fail. Tail lift trailers are available on request.

Main destinations:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • The Benelux countries

Other destinations:

  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • The rest of Europe
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What our clients say

We are completely satisfied with the service we received. Flexibility and speed must be emphasized! Galambos Trans Kft. is able to find the best possible solution for all of our requests.

APTIV: Márton Horváth
Leader Freight Group